Hello Autonomous World

We are very close to witness a silent but solid technological revolution approaching. As a tech enthusiast, I feel extremely excited when I think of next few decades. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Deep (or Reinforcement) Learning, Smart Cities and so on.

Just to clarify today’s picture, let me summarize what is going on in the tech world: Big Tech companies are storing the data of every single moment that you go online and they are using it to develop algorithms, gadgets and services (Yes, Google used your voice recognition data to polish its Google Home Assistant). Software engineers are developing self-learning algorithms to beat Chess Grandmasters (actually, AlphaZero beat even a Go Grandmaster, which was thought to be impossible). Power stations can communicate with each other to regulate the power generation without any human interaction. Last but not least, we might not need doctors for basic diagnosis in the next decade. That is to say, change is upon us!

I, deliberately, did not list my all-time favourite disruptive change among others: Autonomous Vehicles (AV). As a loyal tech reader, I tend to read and learn anything new without question. However, my Automotive Engineering background makes me a little bit more sensitive when it comes to cars and that would be the reason why I think AV’s will be the most disruptive change we experience, in near future.

Do not worry, in this dedicated blog, I (and hopefully some other serious industry professionals) will provide you news, opinions, predictions and reviews to prove my point.

In the next blog post, I will try to draw a clear picture of the AV Industry (Who is doing what and collaborating with whom?). Do not forget to subscribe.

Hello Autonomous World!

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