Mercedes-Benz: Who is going to make the first autonomous car?

Forbes Global 2000 Ranking: 28

Autonomy: Level 4

“Merc takes self-driving technology in a holistic way.”

Mercedes-Benz (Daimler AG) stands out among all other companies for one reason: it is the only company produces cars, trucks, buses and even military off-road vehicles under the same brand as well as the only company who revealed its plans on autonomous driving in almost all categories.

In 2014, it announced their spaceship-looking concept, Future Truck 2025, which is planned to be a fully autonomous trailer. The concept caused an outburst in long-haul freight market because it was the very moment that drivers, who were concerned with their job security in the next decade, raised this a question: “Is this the end of an era?”

Next year, it has been offering Level 2 driving assistance in their luxury models, E-Class and S-Class. In 2016, Merc’s self driving coach Future Bus tested in Amsterdam and it drove itself for 20 kilometers through the city. Finally, last year, it joined forces with Bosch to accelerate the development of cars for autonomous ride-hailing services and announced to launch their “robo-taxi” project in 2020.

Now there is one thing I want to draw your attention: Merc is aiming to put together its automotive expertise with smart mobility services on any possible occasion in the market. Obviously, the executives of the company are conscious about how the mobility and transportation will evolve in forthcoming years and they are simply shaping the future of automobility instead of silently witnessing this disruptive change.


Mercedes-Benz have been taking firm steps forward since the early days of their autonomous journey. It does not rush and know what they are doing. The projects across different vehicle platforms shows us, Merc takes self-driving technology in a holistic way and transforms its brand into a Smart Mobility Company. I do not expect any deviation from their announced timeplan, so they are very likely to cross the finish line first, if the others cannot reveal their cars in next 2 years.
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Forbes Global 2000: Who is going to make first autonomous car?

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